Our Commitments to You ...

  Each piece of my artwork is carefully and personally created by me or under my direct supervision.   As such, I can speak confidently to each piece’s quality and can make the following commitments to you …


  1. During your first year of ownership, you may return or exchange your piece of art for any reason
    Simply contact us for instructions and return the artwork in resalable condition for either a refund of your purchase price or to exchange it for a piece of equal value.
  2. Each piece of artwork is created, using the highest quality materials
    We use archival materials and follow 'best practice' techniques and process.  We work to and maintain museum quality and archival standards in the preparation of each peace,
  3. If a problem with either workmanship or materials in your artwork is discovered, we will replace that image
    We stand behind our work and our workmanship.
  4. If your artwork is damaged, we will repair or replace it at cost (plus shipping)
    We want you to be able to continue to enjoy your artwork despite life's little unexpected adventures!
  5. All fiber-based images are matted to better present and protect your investment
  6. All canvas-based images are coated with an Eco friendly, water based protectorate
    The coating seals and protects the image surface from dust and UV light, improving the piece’s archival properties and simplifying the maintenance of your artwork.
  7. All aluminum-based images are laminated
    Lamination protects your artwork against UV light and allows for simple cleaning of the piece.
  8. Most images are available framed or unframed
  9. We will ship your artwork to you
    We will ship to your home, office or an address that you provide to us.  In addition, we carefully prepare and insure each piece of artwork that we ship.


  Please remember that we are here to personally help you and to answer any questions that you may have.


Jeffrey Van der Koon
January 2019