In my art, I want to create not just an image, but a reflection of what I experienced at that given moment in time. I work to capture not only the visual experience, but what I’ve seen, felt and experienced.  I want to present all of this to you in such a way that you can not only observe, but perhaps participate in what I experienced.   I like to look at my work and feel as if I can walk right into it; to feel the mist, to smell the frost and to hear an Egret.   When I can, I know that I’ve succeeded.

  I believe that art can be a conversation and is not limited to a solitary experience.   Sometimes my vision, the experience that I’ve captured does not speak to you as it has to me.  But it still works because we’ve had an exchange of views, and hopefully I’ve learned something from the exchange.

  In summing up my thoughts, please allow me to paraphrase the naturalist John Muir.  It seems that many of not most people are simply on the world.  I on the other hand strive to be in the world not just a passenger upon it. 

  Each piece of art may be produced using a variety of mediums including archival fibre (papers), archival canvas and on treated aluminum sheets.   Sometimes a given experience can be best presented using multiple panels allowing you, the observing participant, see closer to the way that we as people naturally see.   Wherever possible we use eco-friendly and recycled materials to create our artwork.  And, we stand behind our work and your choices with some rather unique commitments to you.

  I hope that I’ve peaked your interest and that you’ll enjoy perusing my galleries and portfolios, or perhaps maybe even visiting one or two of them first hand.   Thank you for your time, and if you’ve enjoyed your visit today, please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, similar experiences you may have had or any suggestions you may have.    


  I look forward to seeing you at one or more of shows this season.  Take care and I’ll see you in our world!

Jeffrey Van der Koon
January 2019